Englewood & Venice Waxing Services

woman getting her legs professionally waxed at a waxing salon in Englewood FL

See why Josephine’s Salon & Spa is the #1 Waxing Salon in Englewood, Venice, and beyond…

Josephine’s Salon & Spa is the premier waxing center in the entire Englewood area & the surrounding communities of Venice, Rotonda, Boca Grande and Gulf Cove.

Southwest Florida’s sunny, long days beckons you to enjoy relaxing times at the beach, pool, or club. And if you’re planning to look hot this season, there’s always one sure fire way to rock that bikini. and today’s fashions – get a wax! More folks understand the joy of removing unwanted hair. Silky legs and perfectly smooth underarms without skin irritation caused by shaving are just some of the reasons why.

When hair is removed by wax your body will remain smooth and hair free because when it is done right waxing pulls body hair out from under the roots.

Englewood & Venice Waxing Services and Treatments

Using only the finest pre- and post-waxing products, we address all your waxing needs with comfort and style. Come see why we believe that Josephine’s Salon is the must go to salon for waxing services in the entire Englewood area. You’ll love the results because we do it right.

Conventional Waxing Menu & Pricing



Upper Lip or Chin


Under Arm


Half Leg

$45.00 & up

Full Leg

$80.00 & up





Full Face


(lip, chin & brow)

Prices subject to change.