Englewood Hair Salon

See why Josephine’s Salon & Spa is the #1 Hair Salon in Englewood, Venice, and beyond…

Josephine’s Salon & Spa is the area’s premier hair salon in Englewood and the surrounding communities of Venice, Rotonda, Boca Grande and Gulf Cove.

We offer professional hair salon services for both women, and for men. If you’re seeking the very finest of Englewood hair salon stylists, you have come to the right place! Your hair is the part of your outfit that you never take off. Trust your signature look to Josephine’s top hair salon stylists. Acquiring its trend-setting reputation entirely by word of mouth, Josephine’s recent relocation to our newly designed salon and spa will introduce you to a truly uptown style salon, but with a down home feel, right here in Englewood, Florida.

Why are we the #1 Englewood Salon & Spa?

Our hairstylists always carefully examine a client’s hair to determine what products will best strengthen and restore the hair to a healthier, shiny appearance. Our stylists are trained to compliment your exact hair makeup. They recognize that the hair shaft, (what many call the hair strand), is actually comprised dead cells that are forced out of bottom of the hair follicle causing your hair to “grow” …..or that a strand of hair is made up of three layers: the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla?

Since it is the outermost and the visible layer, we pay special attention to the cuticle. It is smooth, but actually consists of transparent, scale-like overlapping cells that serve to protect the cortex and medulla. Your hair’s sheen and texture depend on the conditions of the overlapping scales. Scales that have become worn out or damaged will result in hair that appears dull and tired. Tangles result from broken and worn out scales.  We are trained to repair those damaged scales to return your hair to a fuller, shinier and more vibrant condition than ever before.

The cortex is a thick, middle layer composed of spindle-like cells filled with the protein keratin and melanin pigment. The cortex layer gives hair its strength, elasticity tenacity, and color.  We only use the finest products that can enhance and strengthen the cortex layer. 

Although we are still learning about the role the medulla plays in human hair, we do know that thick or coarse hair usually contains a medulla and that blonde hair does not and, for the most part, neither does fine hair.

Knowing the makeup of your hair allows our highly trained and experienced staff to ensure that each client’s hair treatment is performed with care and precision, making each client’s hair a work of art. We dedicate ourselves to offering a full-service hair salon menu that focuses on precision cuts, flawless coloring and unrivaled styling – all complimented by a complete selection of the finest hair products for purchase in our Englewood Hair Salon Boutique, so you will always look your best.

Englewood & Venice Hair Care Salon Treatments

  • Shampoo & Style – $30.00; Long hair–extra
  • Shampoo Cut & Style – $50.00; Long hair – extra
  • Single Process Color – $70.00
    • w/ Cut – $100.00
  • Section Highlights
    • w/ Cut – $130.00
  • Full Foil Highlight – Starting at $135.00–depending on no. of foils
    • w/ Cut – $165.00
    • w/ Cut and Color – $195.00
  • Perm w/ Cut – $100.00
  • Men’s Haircut – $25.00
  • Children’s Haircut – $25.00

prices subject to change

For Women

Shampoo & Style
Special Occasion Style
Shampoo Cut & Style
Single Process Color
Section Highlights
Full Foil Highlights

For Men


Chemical services times and prices will vary from client to client and visit to visit depending on individual hair needs. We recommend a consultation prior to your service.