Englewood’s Finest Salon and Spa Staff

  • headshot of josephine andresen

    Josephine Andresen

    Owner, President, Stylist

    Home State: Virgina

  • headshot of ken andresen

    Ken Andresen

    Vice President

    Home State: New York

  • Tiffany Mathis Hagarty

    Tiffany Mathis-Hagarty

    Front Desk Receptionist

    From: London, England

  • Heather Akers

    Heather Akers

    Boutique Manager

    Home State: California

  • headshot of gloria balan

    Gloria Balan


    Home State: Rhode Island

  • headshot of nicole cross

    Nicole Cross


    Home State: Michigan

  • headshot of kelly flowers

    Kelly Flowers

    Salon & Spa Manager; Stylist

    Home State: California

  • Beckey Myers

    Beckey Myers


    Home State: Louisiana

  • headshot of rene soucy

    Rene Soucy

    Nail Technician

    Home State: New Hampshire

  • headshot of angie ziegler

    Angie Ziegler

    Nail Technician & Esthetician

    Home State: Michigan

  • headshot of kelly green

    Kelly Green

    Esthetician & Massage Therapist

    Home State: Ohio