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The Fashionable Englewood Boutique at Josephines Salon

Englewood Boutique Selections

Englewood Boutique Collage

Rapidly becoming the #1 Englewood Boutique, the Boutique at Josephine’s Salon & Spa has a new look! “New arrivals from our recent trip to AmericasMart in Atlanta are getting us ready for the Spring collection,” said Josephine Andresen. The effort to find those special items continues as Josephine will attend the Trendz Show in West Palm Beach later this month. “We try very hard to make certain that the Boutique has that fresh look that our customers want to see,” she added.

Having a large boutique as part of  the salon and spa presents a unique challenge. “The retail business is very different from our two service components,” Josephine said. “Fashions change rapidly, so it requires constant effort to stay in touch with what is current,” she said. “But I love it,” she added.

To do that Josephine has made regular trips to Orlando for the large Surf Show held at the convention center where the latest resort apparel and relate items are displayed and sold directly from manufacturers to retail establishments. “It is a very good opportunity to find fun, new and unique items that make great gifts.”

Such shows are held throughout the country, including at the Javits Center in New York City, Las Vegas and Ft. Lauderdale, to name several. “Shows tend to focus on the locale in which they are held—which makes sense,” Josephine said. “Because we are in a beach environment, we want the Boutique to reflect that vibe—however, the items that we select will have quality and uniqueness,” she added.

“It will be my first trip to the Trendz Show and I’m very excited.”  Its website states that TRENDZ “is an innovative apparel & accessories market that showcases a wide range of ready-to-wear collections, accessories, shoes and gifts.  TRENDZ WEST is a ladies’ apparel and accessories show organized by Florida Fashion Focus for the convenience of retailers on the West Coast of Florida from Naples to Tarpon Springs during their busy, peak season.

So, stop by The Boutique and check out Josephine’s latest finds! Until next time–see you at The Boutique, where you are sure to find something special!

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Englewood Hair Salon Chairs

As many of you now know, this past year ushered in tremendous change to Josephine’s Salon & Spa. We moved from a 1,200sf facility located a short distance south, to a 6,000sf facility in The Towers Shopping Center located just past Babe’s Hardware on Indiana Avenue.

The current location housed many small offices scattered through-out. Our vision was to construct the very best salon and spa in the entire Englewood, Venice and Port Charlotte area. We knew that such a facility needed to have two distinct personalities–one very much up-beat and convivial, the other sedate, tranquil and serene.

The location that we chose seemed to provide the perfect opportunity to develop those two different components –but we also knew that it would take a lot of work.

After 4 long months of very hard work–and with the assistance of a very fine contractor, we were able to pull a place of rest, renewal, beauty and relaxation out from the rubble! And, we are so delighted that so many of you have enjoyed the many services that we are now able to offer.

Our Salon & Spa Family, consisting of 8 hair stylists, 4 nail technicians, 3 estheticians, front desk personnel and 3 massage therapists are all top-notch–skilled, talented and eager to ensure that your visit with us will provide the very best service you can find–anywhere.

If you are a long-time returning client–welcome, and thank youu for making the journey with us. The next time you visit, bring a friend and share this wonderful place with others.

If you haven’t been here, don’t wait any longer!  You will be delighted! Look for our monthly specials in our emails and our first-time client “Thank You” offerings on-line and on our website. Visit and review us on Yelp and Google. Friend us on Facebook and share our posts.

We undertook this effort for all of you, because you are truly the center of our universe.

                                            Josephine’s Salon & Spa

Simply the Best!!

Englewood Hair Salon hallway to Englewood Spa
Englewood Hair Salon Stations

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Breaking News…


englewood butterfly microfacialThe revolutionary Butterfly Processor by Collins Manufacturing makes its Englewood debut!

This revolutionary processor takes hair processing to the next level improving color and chemical treatments. Its unique “moving winged” action will set your color faster, deeper, more evenly and with enhanced results.

“I am delighted to bring this new technology to our clients”, said owner Josephine Andresen. “The Butterfly sets color faster and more evenly. Our clients will enjoy a better color processing experience. In my view, it is simply the best color processor on the market today.”

Clients, thus far agree. “It is very different—and faster,” said Joan Shanahan, a long-time client. “I have never seen anything like it. It used to take quite awhile for my color to finish setting, but this time it was much shorter—and the butterfly movement provided heat more evenly over my hair.”

And soon Josephine’s Salon & Spa will enhance that experience even further as Andresen’s salon and spa’s new location will have a designated color processing section where she will add another Butterfly processor.

There is only place where you can get this kind of advanced hair treatment in the greater Englewood area:

Josephine’s Salon & Spa
Simply the Best!

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